How Marketers can Maximize Little Bird

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Content markers might have found the perfect solution to their marketing needs in Little Bird. It is a powerful marketing tool that addresses the marketer’s with three most pressing needs: great content, more content, and wider distribution.

So, what exactly does Little Bird do?


It generates influencer resources and lists on any topical community, on demand and user peer-validation to rank people based on their connections. But one thing is clear: this is not a popularity contest; rather, the ranking is based on the quality of connection; more like “9 out of 10 doctors recommend”.

Whether you are an experienced Pro or an amateur to social network marketing, Little Bird will point you to the most worthy content; where conversations are taking place on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

So, Little Bird gives you the extra, most important, ammunition you can use to become the king in Social Media. The galaxy of opportunities that come with Little Bird will be the major force behind your online successes. With the Little Bird, you have more control over how to engage with any conversation online.


One thing that distinguishes mediocre marketers from great ones is their approach to content marketing. Online marketing demands that you are up-to-date with what’s hot and trending in your field.  In short, there is no let ups.  You not only need to stay informed, but also learn to take action fast.

If you are a marker, you need that competitive advantage and the Little Bird gives you that edge. The reason why you need to stay on top of your field is to get the best and avoid drowning in the murk of vast content. The average person has a short attention span; therefore, only the marketers who stand out get noticed.

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