What Makes a Successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign?

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Dreaming of surpassing a Kickstarter goal by thousands of dollars? It’s possible — there have been many campaigns that have caught fire on Kickstarter, raising several percent above their original goals. So, what makes a campaign extra successful? We take a look at specific details that can bring a campaign over the top.

1. Strong Image and Video Component


Opening with a strong visual component is crucial for getting users interested in what you are offering. Try to have visuals that are as communicative as possible so users can immediately get an idea of what the product is, what it’s special features are, and why they need it.

We love this hilarious video from Invisibo invisible condoms and the totally dramatic, eye-catching video from Automata. Automata continues their strong start with a page that is full of images; some are sleek and polished, others provide background on the development of the film series. This dynamic pairing gives users a look into what the process was like, which can make or break support.

2. Great Perks

The Hughes sunglasses campaign raised 325% funded as of July 30th. They have great videos and tons of images that show all of the aspects of the sunglasses, but most important, they structured their perks in such a way that encourages more buying. The perks were at an affordable price point that also pointed out how much a user would be saving off retail price: buy 1 pair of sunglasses, save $65! Buy a dual pack, save $150!


Listing all of the amazing aspects of the product and then following up by informing users that if they support during the Kickstarter, they’ll actually be saving money is definitely a way to motivate people to support!

JewelBots coding friendship bracelets (which raised $140k while their original goal was 30k) takes a similar approach, offering limited “Early Bird Specials.” Users save $20 if they grab the special, and the limited quantity prompts them to act fast (case in point: all of their early bird specials are gone and they still have 7 days to go).

3. Personalized Stories

Adding a human element to campaigns is a way to engage with users and make them feel good about support the campaign. HidrateMe water bottles, which raised a 600k (!!!!) included a section in their campaign that was all about learning more about the creators behind the bottle.

The team at HidrateMe

They included photos of the team working in their office, making silly faces, and eating lunch together. This human element is so important for establishing a connection to not only the product, but to the people behind it. If users see your face and personality and really like you, they are more likely to want to support you!

4. Add Authority

As you start your campaign, you should also be making a conscious PR effort. Being able to list the magazines and publications your product was featured in will build trust and legitimacy for your product.

ZNAPS MagSafe adaptor for mobile phones raised $1.5 million dollars! They not only have great animations, graphics, and visuals, but also product a huge list that shows all the places the product was featured. This helps to quell any reservations users may have about the legitimacy or quality of the product.


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