Attention marketers: make the most out of social media posts

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It’s time to get creative about the ways you can reach out to people when social media imposes restrictions upon you.

Here are 5 examples of how marketers are winning at social media according to Garrett Sloane from Adweek:

1. Selling on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

A company named Zantler launched Shoppost which enables Amazon Webstore clients create posts to share on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  These posts provide direct links to the designated store’s checkout and although it’s not possible to buy an item directly through these posts, the posts are customizable enabling the user to choose their desired size and color before clicking on the link that will lead them to finalize their purchase. Pretty clever way around the previous constraints.

2. You can now make an Instagram post shoppable?

Instagram is an excellent way for brands to post images that are essentially advertisements. You are able to use Shoppable posts.Creating a shoppable post means that the user will be able to “like” an Instagram post, then the retailer is able to get in contact with the user in order to confirm the purchase of the product. Although, it seems kind of creepy in many ways it’s definitely a creative approach on how to solve a problem such as this when Instagram won’t let you provide a direct URL.

3. You can use Snapchat for more than embarrassing selfies

Snapchat has expanded it’s horizons, looking for new roads beyond those embarrassing photos made to disappear. Brands have caught on and are experimenting with the disappearing photo concept to promote their offers through Snapchat messages. Many brands have been using Snapchat, including McDonalds who promoted through Snapchat using photos of LeBron with other NFL athletes who happen to be at McDonalds. It’s certainly a clever move by McDonalds to add value to their social presence, possibly a little on the expensive side, but definitely clever.

4. Go live on Facebook

Brandlive lets brands livestream videos straight from their Facebook pages for all to see. The application is free and easy to use. Using these videos as promotional tools, you can provide links to your products through the video that’s posted within Facebook’s wonderful and familiar confines. The application is also fully customizable, supports Facebook chat and encourages the visitors to share.

5. Cinemagraphs are GIF’s cool cousin

Much to the dissatisfaction of marketers, Facebook is not GIF friendly. Fear not, there are ALWAYS ways to get around these things, they are called Cinemagraphs. Say hello, Cinemagraphs will start as a photo, of which a portion is animated. They will not play automatically like a video. Users must click the play button to see an image. The fashion world has keenly adopted this concept for their marketing, you can view a collection here.  A truly beautiful way of creating short videos, you can learn more cinemagraphs by looking at the Cinemagram app.

It’s a continuous battle to reach people through social media. Brands are being forced to think outside the box here, have you seen any of the above on your Facebook and Instagram feeds? If you’re a marketer, would you consider using these methods? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

via AdWeek


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