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Social polling through LOOP

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Loop is a social polling app that lets you inquire any query you need and get on the spot answer. People responding to questions can do so without downloading or installing anything. It’s more than just live assessments — you can loop in your Pinboard or Amazon items, so you can use it for shopping recommendation and more. The app also allows you to create personal polls and exhibit an info graphic of the voting results from a poll.

Stay in the loop with your friends

Loop is a free application from the App Store that is fast, simple, fun way to post your questions and get opinions about your queries. You can get a variety of answers from your friends, and you can understand what they think. Thus, you have many suggestions on the go. It’s very simple!

  • Ask a question
  • Loop in your friends
  • Loop shows what your friends are thinking

How Loop works

For instance, the Apple iTunes has the following popular questions on Loop social polling App:

“Where is the best place for hangout in the town on Saturdays”?

“How is the movie XYZ, guys?”

“Suggest me some tips to propose my girlfriend”

“Where should we meet up after work?”

You can get all the answer at that moment itself, and the best part is that you will always find answers to your queries.

Social polling app

Kelly Hodgekins, author at Tuaw, believes that it is very reliable social polling app. She says, “Your friends and social crowd can give instant answers on that and you will always have a second opinion on hand.”

TechCruch review of Loop app comes to a conclusion by adding that – Loop has the potential to be a landmark social polling app and can get maximum users with its plasticity in its polling options. Then it will be a good marketing platform for businesses. A pool of target audience sorted by age, gender, location can share their personal views actively and that too free of cost is always a key element for marketing.

Are you in the Loop?

It’s like giving answers, getting answers and staying in the LOOP. Keep visiting us for more information.

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