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You know that feeling you get on a Friday night, where half of you wants to sit at home and relax while the other half is jumping up and down begging you to take it out for a night on the town, or at least one drink? Well Localmind helps ease the pain of FMO (Fear of Missing Out) by providing real-time updates on what’s happening where, from users at the venue.

Users of Local Mind, or friends of yours on Foursquare respond to posed questions in real-time, with real-answers about the happenings of any particular place! Want to know if happy hour is still going at that cute bar you saw once? Ask Local Mind. Want to tell people not to bother with the ritzy bar around the corner because it’s packed full and the only way to the bar is through a sea of people? Ask Local Mind!

Live Experts

But what about people trolling Local Mind users? Well, first of all – you have to previously have checked in to that place (using services such as Foursquare, Gowalla or Facebook Places), to be eligible to answer any questions. This cuts away people who just want to feel like they know what’s going on at a place they’ve never even been to – when in actual fact they’re sitting on their couch watching reruns of friends.

iPhone - Question Composer

iPhone - Expertise

Want to know more? Check them out on Facebook, Twitter or check out their handy dandy video below!

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