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With the release of iOS 7, many app wielding sites have taken the opportunity to refresh their look and functionality – LinkedIn is no exception with their latest LinkedIn Mobile Updates.

1. Image Redesign
LinkedIn have refreshed their look for LinkedIn for iPhone and Pulse for iPhone and iPad with a flatter, cleaner and more modern design which fits in with the overall aesthetics of iOS 7.
Within the LinkedIn app, sharp edges and soft colors highlight news, updates and insights throughout the app to help with quicker information consumption. Within Pulse, swipe gestures have been included for easier and quicker maneuvering between articles.

pulse and linkedin for iphone ios7

2. Mobile Endorsements
You can now accept endorsements from your connections from within the LinkedIn app, as well as adding new skills to your profile. You can quickly add skills and endorse connections skills on the move as well.

mobile endorsements

3. LinkedIn Experience
New LinkedIn members visiting from mobile will be given a step-by-step guide to help them take advantage of LinkedIn’s features. Including building their network, joining groups, following channels and much more the guided experience will help new users appreciate the benefits of LinkedIn.

guided tour


By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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