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instagress review

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So, you want to gain more followers on Instagram but can’t seem to get there on your own? “There’s an app for that.” Well, sort of. There is a website for that, and it’s called Instagress.

Instagress is an online platform and tool that creates automatic engagement from YOUR Instagram account. Which in turn, leads to a higher follow back rate on your Instagram profile.

Here is our review and opinion on the social media tool, Instagress.


Believe it or not, gaining followers and engagement on your own Instagram posts requires work on your own end. How do you expect people to find you? Seeing a notification that you liked or commented on THIER picture sure makes it a lot easier for them to find YOU now doesn’t it.

So, with that same strategy in mind, Instagress uses its’ capabilities to do the hard work of that engagement for you, with limits of course.

To keep it simple, we have created a list of Instagress features that may interest you. Here is what you can earn by subscribing to Instagress.


1. Automatic Follows – set filters for the type of accounts you would like your account to follow.

2. Automatic Unfollows – set a date limit for when Instagress should unfollow those people (hopefully if they have followed you back, they won’t notice this.)

3. Automatic Comments – set filters for the wording of comments that can be left from your account.

4. Automatic likes 

5. Target people for Instagress to follow – target people to follow by tags, location, likers, followers, followings, and commenters.

6. Customize Activity Speed – how many follows, unfollows, likes and comments do you want coming from your account per day and per hour?

7. Media filters – customize by tags, location, and username. For example: follow people who follow Kim Kardashian.

8. Create backlists – by tag, usernames, or keywords.

9. Instagress is mobile friendly – easy user experience.

10. Safely avoids hitting Instagram limits – advanced settings for advanced users.


Available packages for purchase start at a minimum of 3 days and range to 360 days (1 year), pricing rises accordingly. The platform also offers discounts for packages that include multiple usernames.

Thinking about opting for Instagress? If you prefer to test out this tool on your own, Instagress does offer a free 3 day trial, no credit card information required. The trial can be accessed here.

Can you say,#followersplease!

Got any tips from personal experience with Instagress? Let us know. We will add it to our list!



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