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Instagram lovers have certainly noticed a big update: Instagram Direct. This new feature allows you to send photos and videos to selected people. Curious how it works? Then keep on reading!

Start by taking a picture or recording a video, like you normally would on Instagram. Then optionally add a filter (Lo-Fi is our favorite!) Nothing new about that but it’s in the next step where all the magic happens!
When you’re about to send your photo/video out, you have two options. Either you send it to all your followers, the original Instagram procedure, then the features turn blue (try out to find out!). The other option is to send it to the specific people you want to see it, the Direct Message option, then the features will turn green. You can select up to 15 people you want to sent your message to. When you want to see the Direct Messages you’ve received and sent out, go to the home button. In the top right corner you’ll see the Direct Message button, which looks like: directfeed. Tap that button and there’s your Direct Message feed!

The only things you can not do with Instagram Direct is share these posts on other social media like Facebook or Twitter, you can’t tag people in the posts and you can not use hashtags.

When you get a message from someone you follow on Instagram, it will automatically go to your Direct Message feed. When it’s from someone you don’t follow, you will get a request in the Direct Message feed. You can either choose to accept or ignore the message. The same thing goes for the messages you’ve sent out. When you send it to people who follow you, it will appear in their Direct Message feed. If not, they can choose to accept or ignore your message.



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