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Instagram is the easiest way to create exceptional photos with the wide range of filters that you can use making camera phone photos look dreamy! How does a person go from having online albums that are stuffed with filtered shots to owning something a little more tangible? The answer is simple, Instagram prints! That’s the latest trend in how to make your precious memories more permanently in a way that’s just as easy as using Instagram.

Printing your Instagram photos

Printstagram is making headlines by offering multiple options on how you can print your photos, the most popular of which is the 20×40 inch posters that make an excellent addition to any wall in your home. You can arrange 50 photos or even 400 in a clean grid which then gets printed on thick archival paper for the mere price of $25. You can even fill a Tiny Book with miniature prints of your favorite photos and get them at $10 for a set of three. Mini prints styled after Polaroids are another way to turn your Instagram photos into lasting pieces of art. You can get 48 prints for $12 and the borders are wide enough to double as note cards.

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PostalPix is another popular service for printing Instagram photos. It’s an iPhone application that prints four inch squares from your photo library on Instagram for just 30 cent a piece. If you want something bigger or smaller, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes that range of 2 inches to 8 inches. CanvasPop is being highly praised by many users who want to turn their filtered photos into an at-home gallery. High resolution 12 inch or 20 inch square stretched canvas prints cost $40 and $114, respectively. Some users have bought multiple canvases for a wall vignette that look stunning!

Other services like Blurb, Artifact Uprising, Instagoodies, Boo Box by HatchCraft, Stickygram, ImageSnap and Origrami are just a few in the long list of options that you can choose from depending on your printing needs.

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By G+ Author: Erin Washington.

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