Instagram is a Pet Owner’s Best friend

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The number of pet accounts has increased tremendously on Instagram!


Have you ever thought the extent to which your pet can influence what you do on social media? You know that your pet is your best friend if you can’t go a day without sharing a couple of those adorable photos on Instagram and other social network sites.  And it seems that there are many people who adore their pets if the number of pet accounts created on Instagram is anything to go by.

In short, if your pet is your best friend, the inevitable is going to happen: you will find yourself creating an Instagram account dedicated to untold amount of photos of your pet playing, sleeping, eating, standing, or doing just anything. If it hasn’t already become a feature of your personal account. As we have already mentioned, the number of Instagram accounts that have been created for pets is mindboggling. If you need to have a look at some example, here is the cutest pets on Instagram 2014 post of ours!

You will find all types of pets ranging from cats to piglets to hedgehogs on Instagram. The most important thing is that some of the photos are simply adorable.

Document the happiest moments of your pet and share with other pet lovers through Instagram

Well, there is nothing wrong with creating an Instagram account for your pet. Sure, there is no better way I can think of which offers a platform of documenting the happiest moments of your pet and sharing with other pet lovers and Instagram seems to be the perfect solution. It is great to capture the essence of animal adorableness and composure at their best to share with the rest and preserve sweet memories.

Here are a few of our all time favorites:


Lil Bub!





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