The influence of Twitter on Holiday shopping

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Social Media influences a lot. Also our holiday shopping got influenced by Social Media. Think about Pinterest, which woman does not look for perfect gifts or wrapping ideas on Pinterest? It is the same with Facebook, you can share your wish lists on your timeline and so on. Twitter also has a great influence on our holiday shopping habits.

By October, 54% of the Twitter users are already thinking about holiday shopping, and by November, 83% of Twitter users have made their first holiday purchase.

Twitter users also want to hear from brands, 70% of users say they would follow a brand if they knew they would receive special promotions through Twitter from that brand. 52% also say that they expect to get information from a brand directly on Twitter about holiday sales, products, and promotions.

52% of users say Twitter helps them learn about new brands and products, 51% have used information found in a tweet to research a purchase, 47% have purchased a product because of what they’ve seen on Twitter, and 55% say they are likely to purchase from brands they follow on Twitter.

Twitter also affects where people shop, what they buy and how they share their purchase decisions. 37% of users say the information they see on Twitter helps them determine which store to visit, 39% check Twitter while in a retail store, and 42 % tweet about a purchase they made.



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