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Disney Infinity is (almost) here! | The Blog Of 1 Million Free Games

I’m pretty sure that BT doesn’t get a lot of online orders at 230am most days. Last night however I thought I would see how the march towards BT Infinity was coming on. The last time I looked the scheduled date for availability in Hook, Hampshire was June.


Anyway. I was up soothing the elder child at crazy o’clock this morning and when I returned to bed, was overcome with the need to check the status of Infinity.

I’ve been seeing a lot of vans around he area doing things with cables you see.

Imagine my delight when I found that Infinity 2 can be installed from next month!

That’s 20mb up and 76mb down.


I’ve used it at the old place in Ascot and it was very satisfying.

I found that Infinity helped me use my phones and tablets more. Everything was just so much easier and faster. Netflix Instantaneous in HD. Attachments appear the moment you open an email. FaceTime is wonderful.

Bring it on. Won’t be long. The speed is due to start on 12th of April.

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