I’m a Barbie Girl, in the LinkedIn World

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barbiefinalfeaturedLinkedIn’s online resume and job search features are no longer limited to working professionals. Barbie is now on the social network site with her profile summarizing, “I got my big break in 1959 to inspire girls to dream big. Since then I’ve had 150+ careers, but my true calling remains – encourage generations of girls to place no limitations on their ambitions.” The profile- specifically belonging to Entrepreneur Barbie- is Mattel, Inc.’s latest communications effort to push the product and promote a flattering Barbie image.

barbieresumefinalBarbie transitions into the platform is rather natural given her career history. Unfortunately, people can’t “connect” with Barbie. Instead, her profile works like any other brand with a “following” feature. The account shares career advice, offers inspiring quotes and promotes (real) women’s achievements. People can learn a thing or two from Barbie’s profile. She has a high quality picture with a simple background and professional outfit. Also, she is actively engaging with connections by uploading posts. Barbie even keeps an updated resume, which she shared with BuzzFeed earlier this year. However, she’s quick to note that standard resumes are only one page (Barbie’s resume is a modest 22 pages).

With 2,800 followers and growing, networking shouldn’t be a problem for this doll. By building the Barbie image on an adult social media platform, Mattel Inc. is appealing to mothers and fathers instead of children.


Although controversy about the doll is nothing new, what do you think about Mattel Inc.’s latest unconventional public relations effort? What other brands would transition well into the LinkedIn social media platform?

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