Icelandic Police Force are owning Instagram

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Recently the internet has discovered that the Icelandic Police Force are very active on their Instagram account. It offers a very candid insight into what they get up to when they’re patrolling about the town.  Whether it be their photos of cute animals, helping out in the community and multiple delicious snack breaks, these guys are keeping it real.


Animal-centric Instagram accounts are incredibly effective at drawing in attention. There’s nothing quite as heartwarming for those pet lovers than scrolling through pages of cuddly pets. CBS News uncovered in a video report that our feline friends are responsible for 15% of internet traffic.

This further proves that the use of cute animals on social media will bring the followers to the yard. The Icelandic Police Force are utilizing this strategy to draw positive attention to themselves while also having a good time. Using Instagram as a platform to promote the fun aspects of their job is a brilliant approach in the sense that it humanizes them in a way which the general population can relate. This enforces a positive relationship with the citizens of Reykjavik thus promoting a safer community overall.


The most important element in their use of Instagram is that they’re being real, they’re not taking things too seriously and their promoting their services and duties in a lighthearted and entertaining manner. Although the chronicles of their good times makes it look like they don’t actually do any work, the fact that the first time an Icelandic police officer has had to shoot and kill a suspect was in 2013 shows they’re doing something right.

Keep it real Iceland.


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