Hiring Social Media Talent: Beneficial Tips!

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Are you hiring some proficient hands in social media? What are the basic factors you are looking at? Indisputably social media has set high expectations and the candidates hired should comply with the changing norms of digital world to successfully make you a brand. If you are hiring social media experts for your organization, this article is a must read to avoid err.

Are you going above boards to find sincere flair for your organization? Affirm that the hired shoulder proves to be efficacious instead of added cost to the department. Hiring an employee needs careful analysis. There are many facts that are supposed to be considered if it comes to managing Social Media for promoting your business.

Inundated with dynamism, social media is all about fun and convenience. But let me remind you it is just not fun done at personal level. It is not just managing and promoting pages on Facebook and Twitter but in its place much beyond that.
Keen to recruit a social media expert?

Follow tips below to pick right talent.

Analyze your organizational Requirements: – If you are looking for a prospective candidate in social media, it better you specifically mention your requirements.  It is advisable to mention the years of experience to keep off inexperienced and amateur. This process falls effective, saves time and efforts from unnecessary filtration.

Check for Profiles and Links on the Social Media Sites: – Seriously it goes without saying that if you are interviewing a candidate; the first thing you should go on doing is scrutinizing the accounts and profile links mentioned. Employer can go through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles to analyze candidate’s potential and abilities.

Make sure that if you come across these profile links, you really do the needful research to judge the real caliber of the candidate. Don’t go on hiring a candidate because he/she holds pleasing personality. You need to beat the competition. You need proficient team of wizards; a misfit can hamper team’s productivity at large.

Commercial Experience at Exposure: – If you have the Curriculum Vitae of the candidate before you, search for commercial experience in the field of Social Media. Consider the expertise in efficiently managing Facebook pages of local business or Twitter feed can be something to look forward for.

Don’t necessarily judge the abilities on monetary grounds and business fetched in commercial set up or which bigger organization the candidate has previously worked. Experience with charitable organization should also be considered as the aspirant has put in efforts and possess required flair to excel.

Look for enthusiastic candidates: – Analyze whether the candidate is zealous for the job profile or not. Are they fervent about SOCIAL MEDIA?  Do they depict long term interest in the domain, or the profession is chosen over boredom. Aspirants in the field should reflect passion and should show compelling interest in the same. Don’t hire candidates holding casual attitude in shouldering responsibilities.

Avoid Candidates with Shallowness: – Candidates having strong interest in social media eat, breathe and prefer staying upgraded with everything and anything in the field. These candidates should be your target. Try to search for candidates who are highly active on the platform.

Facebook post shared two weeks ago, no recent tweets and a poor network on LinkedIn is a profile view of passive social media player. Eliminate such candidates. Such aspirants are good at start but slowly their efficiency deteriorates.

Social media is a growing professional career. With promising opportunities, youth today is ideally getting diverted to the profile of social media in the age of digitization, but not all are equally talented. Therefore organization should reflect the need and expectations and hire only those who comply to the set standards of quality.


Subhadra Bhadauria is an ardent writer and contributes her writings to leading job portal site Naukrigulf.com. Social Media is steadily surging and becoming major thrust with huge employment prospects for the youth. She carefully delves into and furnishes essential tips to be considered by the organization while hiring a prospective employee in the field.






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