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Facebook announced this new initiative that hopes will encourage people to donate in order to help tackle the current Ebola outbreak. You will see the message on the top of their news feed asking for donations to several organizations that are there to help with the Ebola outbreak. Some of these include Red Cross, Save the Children and Red Crescent Societies. All the money that is donated will go to these charities.

The largest source of donations have come from private donors, Microsoft’s Paul Allen who donated $100 million and $25 million from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg. Not all of us are as financially fortunate as Allen and Zuckerburg, but no contribution is too small.

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Facebooks humanitarian pursuits do not end there, they are also assisting UNICEF in educating the people in affected areas about Ebola about the symptoms and treatment. They are also collaborating with NetHope to provide services for health and aid workers in the three hardest-hit countries: Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

This is truly a great cause and a great use of a social media platform to raise awareness to its mass users for a key issue in the world today.

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