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All of us have heard about hashtags and even tried it for our various search requirements. This small # sign has become a part and parcel of all the social media platforms.

Though hashtags are perfect for discerning and establishing information, many people have for a long time wanted and desired an easy way to search one hashtag content across multiple social media networks.  Envision a time when you could search for all hashtag contents, just hashtags with the help of a search engine that is dedicated for just this purpose. A tool that can help us to get all content that has been hash tagged with our search all into one feed.

Hshtags.com now has come up with the answer to all these problems.

Hashtag specific queries for social media

The start-up company Hshtags.com is all about searching all hashtags related exchanges across multiple platforms in just one tab. It’s a social media search engine dedicated to hashtags. This is a website where you can enter a hashtag with the word you want to search and it aggregates the hashtag content across six social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr and Tumblr. This website has tools that allow you to filter the search results by platform and by the type of the content (photo, video, text). Also, after registration to the service, you can create lists to follow the news on the social networks of your choice.

Recently Vocal, a social media and mobile led marketing agency called Hshtags.com “the Google of Social media”. Creator of Hshtags Kim Goulbourne says “I was interested in the concept of designing something based around social networks and keywords. At first the idea started off as just categorizing posts based on keywords, allowing a user to then select a category and explore posts. I revisited the concept months later and Hshtags evolved into a tool for searching through social media using hashtags.”

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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