Grow your blog with Pinterest

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Pinterest is a huge social media network used by a lot of woman. Because Pinterest is so big, it is a great source for growing your blog!

Here are some tips on how to grow your blog using Pinterest:

First of all, if you want to use Pinterest for growing your blog, you should make sure that your photos are pin-worthy. Take a look at most of the pins on your boards. Are your pins clear, focused, cropped and bright? Because your pins can make or break you on Pinterest.

If you want to give your pictures/pins a special effect, you can use a program like PicMonkey or if you are a professional, you can also use Photoshop. You can use these programs for adding colors, symbols and/or frames. Having great photos will not only help grow your blog through Pinterest, but it will keep readers interested in your post, and other posts on your blog.


Having Pinterest followers is quite important. So make sure there is a place on your blog where readers can find your Pinterest account and follow along.

Here are some more tips!

  • Pin your own photos! Pin your photos onto more than one of your boards. Some people only follow certain boards and not all of them.
  • Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook page. This will allow people who like your Facebook page to see that you have a Pinterest account, look at your pins and follow you.
  • Re-pin your favorite posts after a month. If that post starts to die down on traffic, I just re-pin it and watch the traffic rise all over again.


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