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The internet is boundless because it opens up new vistas, letting you learn all sorts of substances about people and things in any and all corners of the world. And also, you can Google yourself and find out what people see about you or what is your online reputation. And if you say that you have never tried to Google yourself – might be you are lying. As most people do Google themselves, 56 percent of Web users told Pew Researchers that they “self-search.”

Recently this phenomenon is on the rise as social media reputation holds a lot of stake for many people. Even employers do a Google search on their prospective employees to find out their online reputation and to find out more than what is there in their resume.

Stop googling your name

The act of Googling oneself has become the technological age’s debut guilty pleasure — an activity enjoyed by all and acknowledged by few. The reason people search for themselves is that they’re curious about what other people see when they search for their name,” says Joe Kraus, Google’s director of product management.

In a survey conducted in April and May of 2013 by Pew Research Centre, it was found that 56% of internet users had used a search engine to look up their own name to see what information was available about them online, up from 22% who had done that in 2001. 24% of internet users say they have used other websites or internet services—such as social media sites and directories–to look up their name to see what information is available about them online.

So if you are thinking that you are the only one who is Googling own name, relax! Here’s a small bit of news to make you feel better. Most of the self-searchers tend to be younger, better-educated and more affluent than the general population.

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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