Google Plus Author Attribution and Embedded Posts

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Last week Google announced the introduction of two new, amazing features to their Google plus social media platform – Author Attribution and Embedded posts.

Author Attribution

Google Plus has further integrated with Google’s Authorship Program – where an author’s profile picture shows up next to their articles/posts in search. With the new author attribution you will be able to log into specific blog sites, such as WordPress, with your Google Plus and any articles written will be automatically associated with your profile. This means that your name, photo and/or Google Plus profile link will show next to your content in search, news and other Google products.

The new feature is currently being piloted on WordPress and Typepad, and Google is working with, WikiHow and Examiner to expand the offering.

google plus author attribution

Embedded Posts

Embedded posts mean site owners can add public Google Plus posts to their web pages, with text, photo and media all being supported and integrated into a fully interactive embeds meaning visitors can +1 your post, comment and follow straight from the site.

Embedding a post is easy, simply visit the public post you’d like to embed, click the drop down menu, select ‘Embed Post’, copy the code and add it in to the web page where you want it to appear.

embedded posts google plus

By G+ Author: Erin Washington.

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