Google+ For Improving Your Search Ranks?

Google Plus for SEO

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Google+ is not just a social network, it can be very effective in your bid to improve your traffic and improve your search rank. Search Engine Optimization gets new destination in Google+. Although it didn’t surpass Facebook as was widely anticipated, Google+ tried something different in terms of technical analysis. Having a Google+ account can be a highly influential cult by SEO feature.

James Thomas, CEO of Square Social an SEO company, expresses his views on his widely shared article on Social Media Examiner,

“Google + is an SEO goldmine. The first link added to a post on Google+ is a DoFollow link. Thus, it means it passes the link over the other website you share the post. Thus, the link goes on and on. The more the number of your links on social media, the better the search engine catches your link.  If you are sharing your website on Google+ post, you get the link juice.”

Google+ for SEO

Google+ page can be optimized with a little effort and you can get desired results. Make some edits to your page technically, and you’ll get SEO accomplishment.

SEO title is the heading of your Google+ page. One of the most salient points to note is that do not aim to fit matching keywords in SEO title. That’s amateurish thing, and SEO worth gets belittled.

Customization of your URL can be done. It helps your URL, not to be long and messy. Keep the URL very simple. For example, the company name is “Growing Social Media” and you want to customize “GSM” as extension. It looks simple and muddle-free. Your customized URL would be “” That looks short and simple, helping improve page ranks.

Meta Description is the lines you read below the SEO title on the search engine. Your tagline is combined with the first two lines of introduction for search results. Make a clear Meta description outline and make your link look attractive. Edit your Meta Description and make it catchy that drives more hits to your website.

Google Authorship for writers

Google+ Authorship is a very powerful way to promote your content with other authors. It is very vital to set up to let Google know that you exist strongly. It is because it tags each part of your substantial content and gives it to the search engine. Without it, you will not be able to improve your search rank drastically.

Then, take an effort to promote your stuff on various media platforms that will strengthen your SEO further. But the most valuable thing to note is that content should remain free of bootlegging or plagiarism matters.  The content should be of exceptional quality as they say, “content is the king.” Mark Traphagen says, “A high ranking site has more quality and awareness that draws more plusses.”

High ranking website is the result of dedication, effort, and quality and takes a little bit time too, so patience is the virtue. Try out the above tips to improve your page rank via Google+.

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