Golden Social Guru Shortlist 1

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Growing Social Media is scouring the internet for the top 10 social media gurus. Read more about it here! We’ve compiled a shortlist based on their impact in the following categories.

  1. Social Influence
  2. Customer Engagement
  3. Adoption and Growth Rate
  4. Subject Matter Expert


Our first 5 shortlisted Guru’s are;

  • Eve Mayer

Except the fact that has a great sense of humor, Eve is the CEO of Social Media Delivered, she is a social media strategist and a writer. Eve used her writing skills in her book The Social Media Business Equation. Beside her writing skills, Eve can also speak for a public as a strong and convincing speaker.

  • Mari Smith

Mari like Ferrari, that says enough, right? She is Forbes’ Top Social Media Influencer and Premier Facebook Marketing Expert. Mari has a lot of experience and knowledge in the Social Media World. She interacts fast on Twitter and fascinates all her followers all the time with facts and quotes.

  • Jeff Johnson


Jeff Johnson is a mobile, IT and Social Media Guru. He is interested in all the new trends, from 3D printing to web programming and Social Media. When he is not working he loves to drink a beer or a wine. Jeff Johnson knows how to enjoy his life.

  • Rachel Brathen


Rachel is a very occupied person. She is a yoga teacher, a dog lover, a sun worshipper, a chocolate addict and a party animal. She is definitely a woman with positive vibes and a lot of energy. Beside this she still has the time to tweet and Instagram about a healthy lifestyle and the inner balance of yourself.


  • Scott Kleinberg


Scott Kleinberg is an editor, journalist and photographer. He owns all the skills to produce amazing content about Social Media. As a teacher he shares his experience to his students with a lot of passion. Scott is also into technology because he is a real Apple Expert, what we can absolutely confirm.

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