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December started what means that the holiday season is on his way. If we take a look back to the past year we see an impressive Social Network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest did an amazing job during the past year. With a new year coming there are a lot of new potential networks which can become the new Social Network of 2014. It is not only about new Social Networks but also about new trends or a prediction of the existing Social Networks.

The existing Social Networks

What about Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? Will they still be popular or are we interested in new things?


According to some media experts, Google+ will dominate in the world of the Social Networks. After Facebook, Google+ is one of the biggest players. But what makes Google+ stand out is that it’s good for both the social network and the vital search engine optimization of an online business. Google+ uses social signals to provide an exclusive experience to every single user. If you take Google Authorship into account it becomes clear that Google+ will be the foremost social media site in 2014.







The Social Network platform LinkedIn is especially used by business professionals. The site has around 250 million users and is being used worldwide. LinkedIn’s Influencers Program is gearing up to be another social networking site and also a great source of content creation for professionals. In 2014, it will be even better to be ‘linked in’ and ‘linked to’ business professionals.







Pinterest is trending, that’s sure. It will be more trendy and upcoming in the next year. The visual design trend of Pinterest is what makes it a social media platform to look out for in the coming year. It has become an essential marketing tool for a large number of businesses and has impacted many various platforms. Therefore, if you have not yet started using Pinterest to acquire new customers and build up your brand, begin right away. You’ll love it!







A lot of young people started using Twitter. They are a bit bored of Facebook and join Twitter. Many of these teenagers said that the microblogging site has become their most essential social networking tool. It is believed that many people who were on Twitter and left it will return to give the network another try. Many brands, airlines and hotels in particular, use Twitter.

What trend do you expect in 2014? Leave your comment below.





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