Funny Twitter Accounts to Follow

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Sometimes your friends just aren’t funny. But luckily there are dedicated individuals that sit around and think of funny things to tweet. Ranging from professional comedians to silly celebrities to very weird, but hilarious Twitter accounts — we hope there’s someone listed here that fits your sense of humor. If we missed one of your favorite Twitter accounts then let us know in the comments section.

@JonnySun varies in material but you’ll enjoy all of it. Keep an eye out for when he messes with huge brands like Delta and Perrier.  


Not all celebrities need talented writers to say something funny…take a look the hilarious dynamic between @AnnaKendrick47 and @JesseTyler.


Let @ElleOhHell entertain you with her random but relatable tweets.


If you’ll admit that you’ll just laugh at anything stupid, give @shutupmikefinn a chance.


Look up your favorite comedians, like @birbigs, to see if they have Twitter accounts you can giggle between their tour dates.


@EJGomez shares a lot of conversation-based tweets with companies, biblical figures and friends.


@ch00ch thinks of ridiculous scenarios you’ll find funny.


With @Stand_Up_Shots you can revisit some of your favorite comedian’s best jokes.


If you like @Samir Mezrahi’s Buzzfeed articles, then you’ll like his Twitter account!




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