Funny Snapchat Ideas Your Friends Will Love

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Snapchat is fast becoming everyone’s go-to social media platform, and with entertainment at it’s core, here are some funny snapchat ideas for you to try out!

Snapchat allows you to let loose and have fun as you chat and interact with your friends in regards to split-second everyday life, very different from Facebook’s polished “once-in-a-while” posts. This breaths room for some hilarious snapchat ideas to consider.

Funny Snapchat Ideas Your Friends Will Find Hilarious:

The Face-swap:

Literally any type of face swap is a win: your dad, your dog, a teddy bear, Doll Harry Styles. Anything.

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Filter bloopers:

Filter bloopers are always hilarious, so snap a pic next time your phone thinks your chin is an eyeball.

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

Get artistic:

Using the draw tool can result in some pretty hilarious snapchats- always consider the snap you’ve just taken with the thought “what’s not there in reality that could make this so much better?!” and then start drawing!!

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

Challenge stereotypes:

Snaps that go against the grain of “regular” social media posts are hilarious because there’s thousands of people out there using the makeup filters, taking selfies, posting pictures of their dogs … you on the other hand are different intentionally – and that’s funny!

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

Get wild with your pets:

Animal POV snaps are so good! Especially when your friends all know you love your pets because you pretty much take pictures and videos of them 24/7 … why not let them take over your snap account for an entire day?

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

Song Lyrics in Real Life:

When you see the first half of a song lyric… you MUST complete it with a snap – your friends will giggle and love you for it.

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

Observational humor:

Most comedians use some form of observational humor. This is looking at everyday life and making obvious statements about it, but even though they’re obvious, no one has usually thought of them before – which makes them hilarious! Try looking at objects and signs around you that could elicit this type of snapchat gold.

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

Punny humor:

Puns will never go out of style…and you could be that one friend that always has a punny remark anyway – so why not just translate this into your Snapchat story? You’ll be the master of Snapchat puns in no time!

funny snapchat ideas, snapchat

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