Funniest YouTube videos of 2016

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It was the year many would rather not think about ever again, but 2016 was a great year for funny youtube videos, and since everyone needs cheering up, we’ve put together the funniest youtube videos of 2016.

The Funniest YouTube videos of 2016:


Channing Tatum and his wife brought us this gem:


Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum wowed the entire world, trending on most social media platforms for days after this episode. The couple battle it out in a lip sync challenge which sees Jenna reimagine Channing’s Magic Mike XXL routine, while Channing shocks the audience with his rendition of Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)”.

Gigi Hadid shocked us with her uncanny Melania Trump impersonation:


During the 2016 AMA’s, Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharaoh used their presenting roles as an opportunity to make some low-key political statements. Victoria’s Secret Model, Hadid, decided it was the best time to show the world her Melania Trump impression. This clip went viral almost instantaneously, causing backlash from not only republicans, but others, who thought her impression was either not great or she shouldn’t have done it at that level of exposure. Either way, this clip is awkward if not hilarious.

James Corden and Adele upped the stakes in Carpool Karaoke:


James Corden debuted in 2016 as the new host of the Late Show, and introduced a whole new meaning to the term “carpool karaoke”. This clip of singer, Adele and Corden singing as he drives around London received millions of views from across the globe. It’s just plain hilarious!

Alec Baldwin made his voice heard, loud and clear, on SNL:


In this parody from Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin plays President-elect Donald Trump in a skit that sees the politician receives a surprise visit from Russian president Vladimir Putin, played by Beck Bennett. The controversial satire gained huge popularity after Trump claimed the vote in the 2016 presidential election, a historical event that saw much of the country divided.

What’s your favorite funny video of 2016? Share in the comments below!

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