Funniest Instagrams: Girl Edition!

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Instagram serves many purposes today. Sure it’s a valuable marketing tool and an effective one at that. Instagram has the power to evoke emotions of hunger and the desire for self improvement. Despite its innate abilities to make you hungry, teach you fashion tips and make you feel like you should definitely work out more, it’s best served purpose is for your entertainment. Here are some of the top picks for Instagram accounts run by some pretty remarkable and hilarious women, in no particular order.

Girl With No Job

All I can say is that it’s hilarious. It’s run by NYU student Claudia Oshry “whos dream job is not needing one”. She’s creative, assertive and obviously very clever. If there’s ever a dull moment in your life, go visit her Instagram page and it will be made instantly better.



Chrissy Teigen

She’s stunning, she’s insanely funny and damn she can cook. This girl has it all! You’ll be laughing for a while at her dry and self depreciating sense of humor.



Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is quickly becoming one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. It’s really no surprise, her Instagram paints a picture of this fun, down to earth sort of girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Did I mention she was hysterical… and gorgeous. She’s the whole package.



Crazy Jewish Mom

Crazy Jewish Mom is good for the LOLz, it’s a compilation of texts, emails and conversations with a neurotic Jewish mother.



Kat Dennings

Known mostly for her work on ‘Two Broke Girls’ this comedienne is also hilarious outside of the acting world. Her Instagram proves that she’s just a regular person hurtling through life and taking it in her stride with a wicked sense of humor.



Grace Helbig

Comedian and YouTube star and also quite celebrated on Instagram. For good reason, I mean she’s seriously great. She’s funny and light hearted and even though she’s absolutely gorgeous she can totally own an silly selfie. She recently got a primetime show on E! So let’s see what 2015 brings us with Grace.




Daddy Issues

Anonymously run Daddy Issues is a hilarious collection of random photos and funny texts and tweets from a girl who may or may not have had some issues with her father. Regardless of your relationship with your father I’m sure you will be able to appreciate the raw, ironic sense of humor and its underlying painful truth.



Hannah Simone

Hannah Simone is best known for her role as CeCe in ‘ The New Girl’. Her Instagram sports some cute shots of Hannah rocking some great outfits, as well as many behind the scenes shots with comedians and other actors which are bound to keep you entertained.



Aparna Nancherla

Self proclaimed joke entrepreneur residing in ‘the biggest apple in the gosh darn world’. Aparna is always uploading the hilarious moments of her everyday life, she comes across some pretty funny stuff I must say, and she’s always adding her 2 cents worth. If you need a laugh, she’s your girl!



Liana Maeby

Although she’s not a comedian she definitely should be her Twitter account does not disappoint! She’s ironic and kind of cynical, but in a good way. The best way. Her selfies are silly and yet beautiful and if the whole dog craze is your thing, her dog is adorable! Check her out.


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That’s all until next time folks. But your instructions to dramatically bettering your life: GO FOLLOW THESE GIRLS NOW!!

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