36 Best Food & Friends Captions for Instagram: People Disappoint, Pizza Is Eternal

food & friends captions

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When it comes to food Instagrams, you have to be on your A-game with captions if you want to stand out from the basic, mainstream crowd. It’s not enough if you found the trendiest food there is, you need a trendy caption too. From cake to pizza to everything in between, we’ve covered every base imaginable. Here’s a list of killer food & friends captions that will work for any and all food angles you’re looking for:

Top Food & Friends Captions

Cake, cake, cake, cake

  • I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere
  • The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe. Eat cake.
  • If eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right
  • Friends are the sprinkles on the cupcake of life
  • Good things come to those who bake

In Pizza We Trust

  • People disappoint, pizza is eternal
  • Yesterday, I wanted a pizza. Today, I’m eating pizza. Follow your dreams.
  • The difference between pizza and your opinion is that I asked for pizza
  • You can’t buy happiness but you can buy pizza and that’s basically the same thing

Food Lovers

  • “People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child
  • Friday is my second F word. My first is food, definitely food.
  • Ways to my heart: 1) Buy me food 2) Make me food 3) Be food
  • Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant
  • For me, BAE stands for Bacon and Eggs

Food Bonding

  • Nothing brings people together like good food
  • Food is the ingredient that binds us together
  • In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips
  • Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends
  • Good food, good friends and good laughs
  • Keep your friends close, and your snacks closer

Food Diet Jokes

  • I’m on a sea food diet. I see food and I eat it.
  • We all have that one friend who eats more than an elephant
  • Did you say exercise or extra fries?
  • Diet day 1: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious.
  • I’m just a girl standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a donut
  • I’ll travel anywhere for good food
  • Ice cream is cheaper than therapy
  • Calories don’t count on the weekend

Food Mottos

  • Life is short, eat dessert first
  • There is no “we” in food
  • Red lips and wine sips
  • Donut worry, be happy
  • Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands
  • Good girls are made of sugar and spice…but me and my girls are made of whiskey and ice
  • An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough
  • Either you like bacon or you’re wrong

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food & friends captions

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