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‘Followers + for Instagram’ is an application that is available in iOS which tracks following and managing of Instagram. In simpler words, it is a management tool of your following on Instagram. It is accessible from iPhone, iPod and iPad. The developer of this app is Tappple. Using this app, you can track your lost/gained followers. Not just that and it has much more features!

The Tappple promotes this application by this tagline, “The only Followers app that you’ll ever need…, and it’s Free!”

It gives you a detailed description about your following on Instagram and you will come to know what your strengths are, so that you can capitalize on your strong points to boost your more following and how to counter your profile weaknesses that diminish your followers.

It provides a classification as such who are your best followers, your worst followers and such other records. You can get a view of your devoted followers and try to keep it up in that manner. Similar for your worst followers, where you can see that they are the ones you need to avoid or modify your profile that suits them.

You may also come to know who is following you back and who isn’t. This way you can keep a track record of all your back followers. It also notifies you just in case if you have forgotten to follow back someone.

The follower+ is a fantastic app that shows you with your maximum likes on Instagram. What things you have liked the most? That can be recorded by this app. What are your ghosts? Who posts far away? Who posts nearby to you? All your questions about your followers are easily replied by this app.

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The most recent version 1.3.6 ‘Followers+ for Instagram’ has an enhanced feature that you can track your average likes per photo. You can be notified about the fame value, and many other information and statistics related to your followers. It also shows like count in the gallery mode.

Some of the users say that although the app is good, but they have to pay time and again for blocked pack. Also, there is an annoying Facebook pop-up that irritates you every time you open the app. But other than these few setbacks, it is all in all a good app which can be recommended.

It has a rating of 4/5 on iTunes and can be fairly enough for just a try. Anyways, it’s free to download.

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Updated – January 17 2017:

This app is still high on the list of follower apps for Instagram, as it has updated through the years to accommodate for an ever-evolving social media platform. The new updates allow you to select what type of Instagram account you have – and/or the specific niche market you’re trying to reach with your account. The app will also ask to follow and unfollow accounts on your behalf – something that a lot of people are not very comfortable with, and there have been reviews stating the app has adversely affected certain accounts and their follow count.

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One reviewer said that the app actually deleted specific followers and they were unable to find them again, completely ruining that online relationship. Another review on the app store states that the app works perfectly and as it’s free it’s a huge benefit to their business branded Instagram account. The latest updated version has a rating of 2.5/5 on the app store, and an overall app rating of 4/5. It would be safe to make the assumption that the latest version of the app has turned some of it’s committed users away.



What do you think of the new updates? Have you turned away from using the app? Let us know in the comments below!

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