Rap Lyrics on Old Paintings Make Hilarious Instagrams

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Becoming “instafamous” takes invention and dedication. Generally, comedy and parody accounts have the most success as it’s naturally engaging and shareable. However, these fan-favorite accounts are becoming more predictable with recycled jokes and memes. Just look at the Fat Jewish account, which mostly posts regrams now. People looking for humor on Instagram should be excited about original, creative accounts. Introducing- @FlyArtProductions. The idea is simple, but genius. The account shares famous rap lyrics over unsuspecting, dignified paintings.

The account uploaded its first photo 90 weeks ago, just over 20 months, with a humble 67 likes. Now the account has more than 27K followers and averages about 1.6K likes per photo. However, the account originally began on Tumblr in December 2013. Similar to Reddit, Tumblr hosts plenty of viral content before hitting major social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The creators, Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano, explain:


It was an art project borne out of boredom, frustration, and the internet.


The strategy is flawless: create an original concept and brand it. Every photo has a similar layout: a square or white framed painting with white, capital letters sharing a small line from a rap, hip hop or R&B song. Then, the caption lists the specific painting and song by name, along with perhaps a short joke or play on words. The photos have even been merchandised in partnership with rad.co so fans can buy their favorite hip hop lyric and painting combos on sweaters, tanks and tees. Click the following photos to enlarge:


The creators show a preference for Beyonce, Jay Z and Kanye songs. The Instagram account also features rap music’s uncensored vocabulary, although not highlighted in this blog post. Do you have a favorite Fly Art Instagram? How did you find out about the account- through Instagram or Tumblr? Comment and share your thoughts.

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