Fastest Growing Social Media Networks

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It’s no surprise to the average internet and mobile user that the rise of social media networks is continuing expand right before our eyes. With this in mind, have you ever wondered which social media network grows the fastest, or, which site has grown the most over the past few years?

Today we have some answers. So, let’s take a look at some of the the fastest growing social media networks!

We can start by taking a look at the graphic below. This chart, according to a report done by GlobalWebIndex, gives us a look at what were the fastest growing social media networks in 2014. The chart explains both the growth percentage in members and the growth percentage in active users.

As of 2014, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram, and LinkedIn were among the four top contenders when it came to growth.

fastest growing social media networks

PewResearchCenter also confirms that since 2012, Pinterest and Instagram have had a much larger increase in growth, compared to other popular social media networks that climbed at slower and more steady rates.


fastest growing social media networks

Notably, the speed of social network growth is not always reflected in the amount of total users for these networks, although in this case, some of the fastest growing networks do appear to be some of the most widely used or popular social networks as well.

Keep in mind that the largest current social media network, Facebook, is not the fastest growing social media network. The age of the social media platform itself may act as a reason for a larger number of users, to name just one reason. Obviously, the hype made over a newly released app/platform will call for an immediate jump in growth for some cases.

fastest growing social media networks

Now, with a better understanding of these well-known social media networks under our belt, let’s shift gears and take a look at a new social media network that is currently in the process of growing at warp speed. The social media network/app is called Periscope. Heard of it?

fastest growin social media networks

Periscope is a video-based social platform that is owned by Twitter.

The platform lets users video broadcast themselves, and their potentially amazing footage, from anywhere in the world.

The platform is easily connected to an already existing Twitter account, but also works with just a phone number. Users are tasked to take videos of anything and everything. Whether it be showing someone in New York City the Great Wall of China, or showing off your child’s first soccer game.

fastest growing social media networks

Comments and likes (in the shape of adorable hearts) are still in full effect, a feature that seems to connect all things social. Talk about an innovative way to meet people.

The makers of the platform call it a way to, “see the world through someone else’s eyes.”

As far as growth rates, according to SocialMediaWeek, within only its first ten days on the market, Periscope had already gained 1 million users. 

It looks like things can only get more visual from here. Could virtual communication be a new contender thrown in the mix of the fastest growing social media networks?

We’ve got our periscope on you Periscope!



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