Facebook Staff Knows Your Passwords

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Are you sure that nobody knows your Facebook password except you? (Well, maybe your pet as well). The problem of confidentiality bothers and worries all users of social networks, as they want to keep their profiles safe and private. The Daily Telegraph didn’t want to disappoint anyone of course, but they had recently published the news where they told about how insecure your Facebook accounts could be. And all this happened thanks to a former Facebook employee – Katherine Losse.

Any reasons to worry?

She worked as a personal speechwriter of Mark Zuckerberg in the past. Katherine has made an announcement recently, where she told about the fact all Facebook employees had an access to private data of all users, including all passwords to their accounts. As far as you understand, it means that Facebook staff can read everything you write at your page, as well as change this information whatever they want.

Katherine Loss told, that when she started working on Facebook in 2005, all employees of customer support had a such-called “super password” to enter any account and read the personal correspondence and other information of any Facebook user. Such an opportunity was used in order to help users solve their technical problems and change tools. Facebook ex-employee is sure that this is a common practice among all startups.

Taking into consideration the fact, that many people use their Facebook password to enter other websites as well, such a practice becomes a huge threat to your privacy. However, Losse admitted that Facebook introduced some safer ways of accounts management later.

Only two types of Facebook staff have an access to our accounts today: the operations team (they help users solve some technical problems) and the security team.

We hope you can handle that news. Anyway, as Nick Pickles (Big Brother Watch director) said, such a news can be one more stimulus for a user to think who can get an access to his personal communications.

By Alex Strike, a blogger of Writing-Help.

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