Facebook Paper App

After nearly 10 years of using the same Facebook lay-out, it’s time for some refreshment.

From yesterday onwards, a new app is available for iOS called Facebook Paper.

The app gives the Facebook News Feed a more Flipboard-like look to browse through through posts. It looks like Facebook is trying to be seen more like a “content” site but the brand has clearly stressed that it is not a media company. Which means, the content is still created by its users. There’s a little bonus feature though: there is going to be curated content to from the Facebook experts.¬†Users can sign up to read content from 19 different categories. From “sports” and “culture” to “LOL”.

It sounds pretty exiting, right?

The video below gives you a feeling of what the app is all about:


Introducing Paper from Facebook on Vimeo.

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2 Responses

  1. davbak5 says:

    beauty of this app is now Facebook knows exactly who you are, and that appeals
    to the people buying your information.

  2. laucol3 says:

    There is
    already a really nice app called Paper. Facebook know this and have decided to
    steal their brand.

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