Facebook Facts 2015: Parents on Social Media

Parents on social media

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In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created theFacebook for fellow Harvard University students to “search for people at your school, find out who are in your classes, look up your friends’ friends, and see a visualization of your social network.” The social network soon included other universities, then high schools, then finally work networks. According to a March 2015 report, Facebook has an average of 936 million daily active users and 798 million mobile daily active users. So when looking back to the platform’s original target audience, it’s entertaining to know that today’s parents love the network, too.

The following infographic shows data from a July 2015 Pew Research center report on parents and social media. In this study, Pew Research Center defined parents as having a child under the age of 18.  While the study reviewed multiple social media platforms, parents prefer Facebook. Therefore, the Pew Research Center took a closer look at Facebook; then, Growing Social Media selected a few, fun Facebook facts 2015 to share.

mom and dad on social media


The difference between moms versus dads on Facebook was found statistically significant, as well as on Instagram and Pinterest (all with more moms than dads).

However, while mothers and fathers are equally as likely to interact (post, like, comment) on Facebook, mothers do so more “frequently”  or “sometimes” at 76 percent compared to fathers’ 61 percent.

Another note worth mentioning is that 12 percent of parents reported that they have felt uncomfortable with a social media post about their child uploaded by a spouse, family member or friend. So a discussion about social media privacy and children may be worthwhile between families, babysitters and friends.


How does your family compare to the average mom and dad on Facebook? Comment below and let us know.

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