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Have you been bitten by the wanderlust bug? Record your travels and learn more about the locations you visit.

We all have our favorite places – from vacation spots, city streets, neighborhood secrets. With the Everplaces app, you can keep a record of all the amazing places you’ve experienced and the ones you would love to try one day.

Share your favorite places with your friends and help them have great experiences in cities you know well. Discover new places through your friends and people who share your taste and interests.

If you come across a store, restaurant, or just a special place, you can record in into the Everplaces app. Create your own memory of locations, personal maps, travel guides, and more. If you pass by a place that you want to visit in the future, just bookmark it in the app! One bookmarked, the information can be accessible offline. Everplaces is available in over 90 countries! This is a travel app dream, if you ask me.

Of course, one of the best things about Everplaces is that it is a social community. You can exchange local tips with friends and strangers alike. Receive recommendations for your location and discover something new! You have the option to keep things private or public, so don’t fret.

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Here is what Everplaces has to say:

All of us are experts on some corner of the world. Everplaces is a community where people who love travel, food and design share favourite destinations and secret spaces. If you’ve ever been asked where you went on vacation, or where you’d recommend going in a city, or perhaps you’re just curious about the destination you’re about to visit, this app is for you.

Let us know if you check out Everplaces and what hidden gems you have found!

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