Evernote’s Plans for a Wearable Future

Evernote enters the wearable technology age

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The technology world is revolving at an alarming rate. The challenge that faces many tech companies these days is to know whether investing in certain software is worth the investment. Wearable tech is clearly one area where many companies are convinced holds a bright future, yet they are taking a wait-and-see approach for unknown fears. Investing in software that guarantees rich returns is not easy, but Evernote is ready to venture into the unknown world boldly, and it’s not looking back.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin has outlined its Wearable future plans. According to him, the company doesn’t want to risk being left behind. Already, Evernote has already started developing Wearable software for Android, Google Glass, Samsung Gear, Pebble and much more. However, according to Libin, the software already being developed is experimental. They will be tested if they are good enough to be available in a mature wearables market.

The new age of wearable technology and gadgets

Evernote’s approach to wearables market is so broad that it has left many observers scratching their heads. Last year, the company launched its market for physical goods in order to get experience designing for the real world. Libin thinks that companies are going to find it rough if they don’t design for the real market. Failure or success in the wearable market will depend on the experience users get. Such an experience is very tangible and tactile; it is not just hiding behind a computer.

To this end, Evernote has planned to work in partnership to produce useful software that will aid the productivity for knowledge workers. Every software’s being designed by Evernote is meant to get people thinking about the real world. The wearable future has a wide scope, and developers must not limit themselves. Despite the fact that companies like Google, Apple and Samsung have already started exploiting the wearable market, it will be ages before its real impact is felt.

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