How to engage your fans on Facebook

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Why are people so engaged with a particular person? You will realize that the people who are the most engaging are the most interesting, the most attractive, or the most engaged themselves.

You now know everything you need to know about increasing the engagement between your customers and your brand on Facebook. What is interesting to your audience? How do you make yourself attractive through social media? These qualities result in the highest engagement and the most interaction.

Here are a few tips you can use for engaging fans on Facebook:


Balance various types of content

If every piece of content you deliver on Facebook has the same look and feel, it stands to reason that your fans will begin to pass them over for content that looks different and more interesting.

To make your Facebook page more engaging, share your content in a variety of forms. Experiment with photos, videos, links and questions, then track the engagement in Insights to see which types of posts do best. Choose your most rated post types and include a variety of each in your updates.

Find and share timely content

Engagement is engagement and the subject that drives it doesn’t always have to be yours. If there’s a story you know your audience is interested in, share the details with your fans. For example, let your fans know that you’re going to attend an industry conference, then post updates and images from the event to create more opportunities for engagement.

Gain insights from Facebook data

Facebook’s Page Insights provide businesses with key information that takes the guesswork out of which types of content your fans like seeing most on your page.

Use the data from Insights to tell you which types of posts achieve greater engagement for you on Facebook and adjust your content to include more of them.

Include Facebook apps

From contests to event listings and email signups, custom apps provide numerous opportunities for driving engagement, but many pages don’t take advantage of them.

You can use these apps to drive traffic and engagement when you link directly to them from a status update, a blog post or even Twitter.

Join the conversation on the go

A large portion of successful social media relies on carrying on a consistent conversation with your audience. If you work on the go, but only manage Facebook from your desktop, you risk being out of the loop when important conversations happen.

Facebook administrators don’t need to be tied to their desk in order to post an update or respond to fans. The Facebook Page Manager for iOS and Android devices lets you check your page activity, view Insights and respond to fans right from your mobile device.

Launch a competitive intelligence campaign

Facebook sheds interesting light on what other brands are doing and can provide valuable competitive intelligence information.

You can check out how your competitors are using their business Facebook page and what their customers like and share, then apply successful strategies to your own page.



If you want your fans to be more engaged with your brand on Facebook, the answer is clear; be more engaging. You need to be the social media equivalent of the life of the party. Tell funny facts, get personal and be personable, catch their eye with something visually appealing.

Be as engaged with your fans as you want them to be engaged with you. Ask questions, take an interest in what people have to tell you, share good news, promote a worthy cause and ask your friends to help you in the endeavor. Getting more engagement on Facebook isn’t rocket science. It is marketing science. Put the social in your social media and use your inbound marketing expertise and analytics to make it all better.








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