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Socialbakers is a company offering monitoring and tracking tools for analysis of social networks that are used for comparing social media stats and metrics. The company is founded 5 years ago by Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers.

On Thursday 11/21 was a great event organised by Socialbakers. This event Engage 2013 took place in the Manhattan Center in New York. My colleage Emily and I got the opportunity to join this event.


At Engage NYC 2013 we should learn how to change our social marketing forever. We would hear the innovators, discover the trends and learn the tools that really drive our social marketing.

CEO Jan Rezab opened the event and welcomed us. The event was divided into three subjects; Content, Advertising and Social Care. One by one subjects that we all know nowadays in our digital marketing world. Jan Rezab gave us an introduction about these three different subjects.


Jan Rezab explained us why content is so important. It is all about right. Right content should be published at the right time and to the right audience. ‘Don’t gamble your budget away’, this was his sentence to make clear the advertising part. It is very important to promote the right content to the right audience. Social Care is everything about being there for our customers if they need to. Two years ago, only 5% of the questions via Social Media were responded, nowadays it is already 63%, but we are still not finished. Jan Rezab explained this all by the example of KLM. This is a great example of Social Care.


After the introduction started the invited speakers with their presentations about one of these three subjects from above. Several companies were represented, American Arlines, Pernod Ricard, Woolworths SA, AO, Havas Worldwide,…


For me, one of the most remarkable speakers was Yossi Erdman. A man with a sense of humor who got everyone ‘s attention. Yossi Erdman represented A company from the UK with appliances online, such as washing machines, fridges, dishwashers and so on. Yossi told us about the three guidelines that they use in the company. First of all it is important to talk and have fun. A lot of interaction is needed on Social Media but it also needs to be funny, it should attract more and more people.


Social Media can also be used for promotions. Put special deals on Facebook, link it to the website and so on. Customer Service is indispensable nowadays. Customer Service can also be integrated into Social Media. got a lot of feedback from their customers about the drivers who deliver the appliances. They created a little book with all these comments (from email, FB,…) and they sent these books to the drivers home. By this way could they (drivers and their family) see if the driver had a good day or a bad day. All the efforts that they made created a lot of brand awareness said Yossi Erdman.



After we had an amazing lunch accompanied by interesting Social Marketeers, we got surprised by a presentation from a very self-confident Director of Analytics, J. Matthew Cahill. Matthew represented the company Havas Worldwide. When you are extending your Social Strategy, it is important to follow the leaders. It is not useful to copy them, but to know what they are doing. According to Matthew, everyone thinks that it is of great importance to have as much followers and likes. Matthew advised us not to buy friends or followers. He demonstrated this by a quote “If you throw a good party and invite people, you make friends”. For us this was clear enough. This also confirmed the words of CEO Jan Razeb, “you have to make good and right content”, not only the amount of followers and likes counts… .


“Aussie aussie aussie”, “oi oi oi”… These were the words where Karen Le put the right tone. Indeed, an Australian Social Marketer. Karen Le is a Social Media lead of Telstra in Australia. Her goal is to connect the people in Australia because they are online. There are 12 million FB accounts in Australia. Together with her team they created 14 customer focused campaigns. They made an Eastern Shakeup video on YouTube, they sent travel vouchers to people so that they could visit their family abroad, a live blog or chat with the CEO and so much more.


One thing is sure, Karen Le is really obsessed and want to reach her goal. If she reaches her goal it won’t mean that the work is finished. You can connect people but it should work careless. Without a customer service you can’t reach your goal of connecting people. That was the biggest challenge, the customer service. Australian customers could only go to the store itself or sent an email. After some research, they rebuild their channels and extend into new channels. Via Social Media, the Australian people could now be helped with all their Telecom problems, if they have a problem of course… .

Engage 2013 was a day with a lot of interesting speakers, presentations and so much tips & tricks. We want to thank the organization for the flawless event where we had the opportunity to join the Social World and feel the vibe and passion we all have. Socialbakers, you did an amazing job!

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