Emoji Hashtags: Instagram update!

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And yet again, Instagram adds some new things to the popular mobile platform. 3 filters were being added today. That’s 3 more possibilities to make another great shot and share it with the world. Hooray! The filters are called Juno, Lark and Reyes.

IMG_5992   IMG_5993  IMG_5994

Another and more important update on Instagram is the possibility to use now your emojis in combination with hashtags. Yes, indeed, those emojis finally have a purpose. So basically you can start monitoring on funny emojis, which adds a whole different layer on to the use of hashtags. We are wondering if that big guy, Facebook, is following soon. Or We guess they will. Not only because Facebook owns Instagram but also because people share a lot of content from Instagram through Facebook. It would be a shame to hold back a new feature from a still expanding platform, such as Instagram.

We suggest that you take a look at which emoji’s are already been used by the Instagram community, like we did. Have fun!

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