Effective calls to action on Twitter

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More and more businesses ask what they should tweet. That depends on their business of course. It also depends on your specific goals and targets. But don’t forget, you are what you tweet. Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with effective tweets. It is difficult enough to limit your tweets to the 140 character maximum, which is one of Twitter’s most difficult rules for writers. Your tweets need to pack a punch and they have to do it clearly and concisely.

The quality of your content is very important, it determines how engaged your followers will be. Unfortunately there is no golden rule for being very successful on Twitter.

Sometimes it seems that Twitter is not so popular as Facebook. However, as a business person, you possibly should be taking it more seriously than you have done up to now. Twitter actually has a lot of potential to help bring your business to the next level of success. Twitter can help you in your social media marketing strategy and to reach the right people at the right time.

When it comes to Inbound Marketing, using a call-to-action is a part of the strategy. Without a call-to-action, you are leaving your prospective customers with absolutely no way to interact with you. All that they have is your content.

If they want to begin to build a relationship with you and your business, how are they going to do that if they don’t have any idea of how to reach you? Of course, your ultimate goal is to eventually get those people with whom you are cultivating a relationship to buy what you are selling. It is important for you to understand that this will only happen after they trust you and find you credible.

Sometimes, you get the best results simply by asking. Another good trick is to emphasize (or highlight) the content that you want your users to notice and act upon. Make sure to offer them some sort of incentive.

If you have valuable content, which it definitely is, there is nothing wrong with asking your users to retweet it. You will be surprised at how many users will be willing to retweet your content. People are usually accommodating if they believe in what you are saying. It is important to remember not to use abbreviations in your call-to-action.

If you are asking for something, be clear and spell it out. Abbreviations are annoying and have the potential to be explainable in two ways. You should also express why you are asking for a retweet. It won’t hurt for you to express why you feel that the content is valuable. Make sure that you keep the language in your call-to-action clear and concise. It will be appreciated and it will achieve results.

Your Twitter call to action is important to your business’s success. It is important to keep in mind that Twitter is a conversational social media channel and it should be treated in that way. It is essential that you leverage your calls-to-action to really make your business buzz. In this situation, it is your job to use your call-to-action to make your users feel that they are better off taking some action and interacting with you than doing nothing at all.



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