The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

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Online dating is now the in thing to do for the busy Professional. And to accommodate them a whole plethora of sites have popped up. These digital sites with such names as Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, and even hundreds more are overwhelming for the uninitiated.

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For the beginner I would start with a traditional online website and not a mobile application. It is in my professional opinion that mobile sites are for the more advanced online dating connoisseurs.  For the sake of this article, let us talk about OkCupid. It’s free and easy to navigate. I recommend some current flattering pictures but nothing that looks too professional or even too revealing and at least have one photo with friends (the girl wants to know you have buddies).  Under no circumstance show a shirtless picture of yourself. Even if you have abs of steel, it is just a turn off for the majority of women who are browsing through profiles.

You will have to fill out information about yourself (duh, this is a dating website) please be as honest as possible with your profile. One of OkCupid’s first written sections is called “My self-summary” I recommend you take your time and write 3 to 4 short paragraphs about yourself. You can even put in a whimsical line or two.  What bothers women the most about online dating probably bothers you the most also lies. She says she is average weight but she is a bit “fluffy.” Or, you say that your height is 6 foot when you are actually 5’6. These little lies waste your time. You are here to meet a woman that will want to meet you offline, not some fictional character.


You have completed your profile. You have several good pictures up. Now, it is time to message some ladies that you find interesting. Here are the rules:

  1. Don’t be aggressive, weird or rude.
  2. READ HER PROFILE FIRST before you message her. I know we are men and we see a hot girl but figure out what she likes first and strike up an opening conversation.

For example, I messaged a woman that’s interested in sports and Sudoku.


What is your name? I am a brainy athlete. Having a nice weekend? You are very beautiful by the way.



I received a response back within 2 hours time.


Thanks Paul, nice to meet you. I’m Deidre. So what kind of sports are you into?


Try to think of this as being in a bar with just you and some girl you don’t know yet. Not everyone will respond and when they do be ready with a genuine response.

And finally, never ever send a cookie cutter message.


What is your name? You are so beautiful and interesting. How was your weekend?


It is a waste of a message to someone that may have replied back if you took a little bit of time to craft a message that fits their profile.




By Paul Guevara.

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