Don’t read the news. Skimm it.

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Your commute just became more insightful. Monday through Friday, theSkimm delivers concise news stories hailing to the company’s motto “We read. You Skimm.” The e-newsletter covers headlines ranging from that day’s political news to World Cup updates.

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Sent at 6 a.m. ET, theSkimm is ready with the news when readers are. theSkimm gives a brief, conversational-tone overview with hyperlinks for additional information. Additional content includes a quote of the day (to give a glimpse into a top story) and a thing you need to know (like popular abbreviations or new slang words). theSkimm is predominately an email service. However, Skimm’rs can also follow the company on Twitter and Facebook. Unlike other news source social media accounts, theSkimm does not report breaking news. Therefore, if you’re not exactly a news junkie, you won’t have to worry about theSkimm clogging your timeline. 

theSkimm’s Tumblr reflects on Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin experience as co-founders and provides entrepreneur lessons. Readers can also learn more about theSkimm team by following their Pinterest and Instagram pages, filled with behind-the-scenes photos and paired with the hashtag #SkimmLife. 

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A review from The Shriver Report says, “I felt like I was reading an email about the news from one of my best friends. My very smart, well-informed best friends.” Through design and tone, theSkimm targets working women. However, the brand also reaches out to young women with campus ambassadors.

Whether opting for the daily email or following the Twitter account, theSkimm is ideal for casual readers looking for updates and conversation starters.

Do you like how theSkimm utilizes social media? What do you think of theSkimm’s content and writing style?

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