Difference between Hootsuite and Buffer

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As we all know, managing our Social Media Platforms is very important. Using a Social Media Management Tool can made it a lot easier and clarifying for you. Hootsuite and Buffer are common tools that are used. But what is the difference between these two?


If you want the whole package you should use Hootsuite because Hootsuite allows you to schedule updates and monitor conversations. Buffer isn’t a dashboard that shows you other people’s content. However, Buffer has superior scheduling flexibility over Hootsuite because you can designate very specific scheduling times and change patterns throughout the week.


Hootsuite recently released an auto-schedule feature that automatically designates a scheduling time based on a projected best time to post. This can be effective to use, but doesn’t have the same flexibility as Buffer since you don’t really know when a post will be scheduled after doing so.


What is the best tool to use for you? Many people use both. They use Hootsuite to listen and Buffer to schedule. It also really depends on your posting needs. Try both for a few weeks and decide afterwards which tool is the most effective one for your business.

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