Deep Linking From Mobile Apps

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Hello Android and iOS mobile developers. Now when a user shares a favorite song or news story from your app to Google+, their stream post can include a deep link to that piece of content. Clicking the link either:

  • Opens your app, and goes directly to the news story (for instance), or 
  • Redirects to Google Play or the App Store to encourage download

Using the Google+ mobile SDKs, you can integrate the Share dialog and embed a deep-link ID with your post. The deep-link ID may be a URI or an identifier that your app can use across its supported platforms, to identify the correct context to launch in your app.

Here are some examples of deep link sharing on Android from Pulse News:

You can also download Pulse News from Google Play to see deep links in action.

Check out our developer docs to learn more about today’s launch of deep links on Android and iOS and follow the conversation on Google+.

Check out the original source here.

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