Create an impact during the Holidays!

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It’s almost that time of the year. Families will be decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping up their gifts. With the holidays coming it’s also the time to identify your brand’s strategies for reaching more consumers during this season.



A lot of consumers use social media for gift ideas, recommendations, promotions and so on. So make sure your brand makes an impact at the right place with social media this holiday season. Check out the following facts and actionable advice before you release your holiday social media this year.

Last holiday season, 60% of women planned used Pinterest to search for new gift ideas. Pinterest is huge, especially for moms, women. Pinterest has turned into a new search engine. You can forget Google, use Pinterest. Build out your brand’s Pinterest page with holiday-specific boards that solve problems for your potential consumers and inspire them to take their holiday season to another level.


You can use many channels when you communicate to your consumers about product information, new releases and coupons or deals. You can use your website, email marketing, in-store advertising, etc. This year you can place an emphasis on social media and mobile. Let consumers know about current and upcoming promotions via Facebook and Pinterest, or text messages that go directly to their mobile phone. Pinterest even allows brands to update consumers when the price of an item they’ve pinned has gone down. These tools are useful during the holiday season when everyone has their eye on specific gifts.

In 2013, almost 5 million women or moms on Pinterest are pinning recipes, ideas, images and more. They’re looking for ideas and products to buy to bring those ideas to life. Especially if you market to moms, you want your social media feed to be built for eCommerce. If your product has a price and can be bought online, include the price when you pin those products on Pinterest. According to a survey by Shopify, people are 36% more likely to like a pin that includes the price.


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