Couples, Social Media and the Internet: How the Modern American Couples are Using Digital Technology to Improve the Quality of their Relationships

Modern American Couples Using Digital Technology

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As digital technology becomes part and parcel of the life of many American couples, many are wondering what its implications are in the life of the average American couple. According to Pew Research Internet Project, 66% of American adults who are married or in a committed relationship use digital technology such as the internet, social media and cell phones to improve the quality of their relationships because they find that it facilitates better communications and support; they use technology in the little and large moments. However, it has also been discovered that a portion of them disagrees, even quarrel over the use of technology. Here are some interesting figures to note from the survey:

Report by Pew Internet Research

  • About 27% of internet users who are in relationships say that the internet has had an impact on their relationships while 72% say that the internet has zero impact on the quality of their relationship. Out of those who say the internet has an impact on their relationship, 74% say the impact is positive, 20% say it is negative, and 4% say it is both.
  • 21% of those who own cell phones or use the internet and are in a relationship report being closer to their partner as a result of the exchanges they had. Also, 9% report to have resolved an argument via text message or online.
  • 25% of technology users online report their partner being distracted by their gadgets when they are together. And 8% of internet users in committed relationships have had an argument over one of them spending too much time online.
  • 67% of couples say to have shared a password with their partners. And 27% of internet users that are married, have shared accounts or email account. Generally, those who have been in a relationship for long are more likely to share their passwords and accounts than those who have been together for a shorter period.

The report is based on a study carried on American Couples to find out how technology is affecting their relationships.

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