Christmas Social Media Habits Replace Traditions

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Many families celebrate Christmas, but exactly how they celebrate Christmas changes. Sure, families still put up Christmas trees, exchange presents, attend Church and relax at home. But the little nuances of the Christmas season have changed— largely due to social media. We’ve outlined how Christmas social media habits on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have redefined Christmas traditions.

The New Christmas Social Media Traditions

christmas newsletter

Remember going through the mail and opening Christmas newsletters? Families scattered across the United States or abroad would send updates of each family member as an annual summary. Maybe Tommy graduated from 8th grade and prefers to be called Tom now. Oldest daughter Lindsay will be attending Villanova in the fall. These major updates are now shared in real time thanks to Facebook. Grandmas everywhere may be heartbroken, but maybe that saved you from reading your weird aunt’s eight-page newsletter about absolutely everything.


christmas photosWhat about Christmas cards in general? Your mailbox would be full of family photographs glued in Christmas cards or custom postcards. Now, many families will just share their photos on Instagram. Sadly, we have to expect less and less Christmas cards every year. And what about ugly sweater parties? Well now there’s even more motivation to find a hideous, funny sweater. With holiday party photos often shared on social media, people really have to look their best— or in this case, their worst!


Around the Christmas season, everyone likes to feel warm and fuzzy. But when things go south, kids start tweeting. You can expect to here from a lot of Grinches when dealing with travel traffic, disliked presents, or boring holiday plans. And what about the people that love to spread Christmas cheer? Well this year you won’t even get a personal text… just a general #MerryChristmas to all of my friends. You can bet a ton of brands will be clogging your newsfeeds too. (we see you, social media marketers).

image1 (2) (1)Snapchat

Although most families try to get together for holidays, Christmas can be a difficult day to see every family member. Whereas families would often pass the phone around to wish a Merry Christmas to missed family members, this year people will share videos on their Story. And remember when you were a kid and after everyone returns to school they talk about holiday presents? Well with photo-sharing apps, there’s no surprise there.


What other ways have social media disrupted Christmas traditions? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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