8 Famous Celebrity Instagram Pets

Celebrity Instagram pets

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Instagram is becoming a popular social media tool at a neck break speed. With millions of users globally, this platform is not only being used to stay connected with your friends and family but is also being used for product promotion and individual marketing.

However, an uncanny, yet compelling thing about Instagram is the number of animal profiles you will come across. Here are eight celebrity Instagram pets , who probably have more followers than you!

1. Biddy The Hedgehog:

This world traveling hedgehog is the true definition of cute! By traveling a number of different picturesque locations, and being photographed in different postures, Biddy has ‘spiked’ the world of Instagram with its charming page.

Celebrity Instagram pets

2. The Menswear Dog:

A four-year-old Shiba Inu living in New York City has an Instagram page named Menswear Dog. This dog has some of the most uncanny interests some of which include lurking around Soho and never washing his selvage denim.

Celebrity Instagram pets

3. Norm The Pug:

You must have heard of a person taking an exceptionally good selfie – or you might be a pro at it yourself! However, you’ll certainly doubt your talent once you go through a long list of selfies taken by this pug named Norm!

Celebrity Instagram pets

4. Bubu:

A Chinchilla who can literally make all of you Instagramers go ‘aww’ in a blink of an eye is Bubu! Amidst many of her hobbies, Bubu usually likes to get photographed posing with her miniature toys, or loves to play with her baby Chinchilla named Bobo!

Celebrity Instagram pets

5. Hamilton The Hipster Cat:

This dapper feline has more class than any Instagram we’ve ever seen before. Hamilton’s classic postures, beautiful coat, and dreamy eyes certainly make this fur-ball worth following!

Celebrity Instagram pets

6. Buddy and Boo:

While many might think that these two balls of fluff are stuffed toys when they first land on their Instagram page, these doggie pals have certainly made a name for themselves over Instagram. With their cuddly looks and an on-point haircut every time, Buddy and Boo have a massive followership!

Celebrity Instagram pets

7. Grumpy Cat:

Although this calm and composed feline achieved her popular moniker because of her tough and angry looks, Tardar Sauce is actually a really nice girl! She has been a part of many of the latest memes on the internet and has become the talk-of-the-town lately.

Celebrity Instagram pets

8. Mr. Bagel:

Last but certainly not least on our list of celebrity Instagram pets, this popular Chinchilla is basically famous for advocating against her fur, and working hard – adopting different animals for a treat!

Celebrity Instagram pets

Being one of the most engaging ways to post your pictures and videos, Instagram has provided an opportunity for people to show-off their pets as well.

Hence, the next time you log into Instagram, make sure to follow these celebrity Instagram pets and have a super awe moment!


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