6 Essentials of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most cost-effective, yet solid techniques to increase visits to your website is quality social media marketing. Almost 90% of the global population uses social media in their everyday lives, hence, it’s a great place to increase your visibility and subsequently generate leads. Some of the most popular social media sites that you […]

The Most Popular Hashtag Of Last Week On Social Media

What was The Most Popular Hashtag Of Last Week? The answer is, might have guessed, It was all about International Women’s Day. On March 8th, Women around the world took the social media to celebrate the big day. International Women’s Day.     1. #OneDayIWill Google started a day with special initiative by setting Google Doodle […]

5 Secret Emojis You Didn’t Know Existed Until Today

You may not know these secret emojis even exist until today, for sure. This is a short compiled list of emojis you probably never knew existed or didn’t pay much attention to. Let’s open the chamber of secrets, well secret emojis! Middle-finger in Whatsapp This lighthearted, playful emoji has been hided in the source code, until […]

Growing Social Media Strategies: Organic, Free Methods

growing social media

Growing your social media starts with strategy. Any individual or business looking to increase the number of followers, likes and comments needs to consider the fundamentals of each platform and how users engage with the platform. On Snapchat, follower count and number of likes means nothing. On the other hand, gaining Instagram followers and getting likes is […]

Social Media Predictions for 2016

Since the creation of Facebook, social media has interested populations all over the world. Twitter introduced microblogging with 140 tweets and the birth of hashtags. Instagram standardized “filter” in our photography vocabulary and newsfeed scrolls. Snapchat took selfies one step further, with disappearing acts, interactive lenses and live stories. So while these powerhouses have established themselves as […]

How to Use Snapchat’s New Features

how to use snapchat

As if taking selfies didn’t look weird enough, Snapchat has created new augmented reality filters that are causing people everywhere to raise their eyebrows, stick out their tongues and look ridiculous. But if you’re still not sure how to use Snapchat and its new updates, here’s a step by step guide.     How to Use Lens- […]

Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2016

As we continue to dive further into 2016, the social aspect of technology moves right along with us. 2015 was a big year in the tech world, so what can we expect as far as social media facts and statistics for 2016? You guessed, more social, for both online and mobile engagement… for everything! Before […]

Social Media Apps: Battle of the Generations

“Mom, you can’t zoom in on Instagram.” (Gives Mom phone the next day to show her a post), “Mom, you still can’t zoom in on Instagram!” Yep, we’re going there, generation gap when it comes to social media apps. If your a millennial, like me, how many times have you found yourself explaining the different […]

Social Media: Follower Count Does Matter!

“THE SIZE DOES MATTER!” We’ve all heard this phrase at least once in our lives, and it’s true… In social media of course (where else were you thinking?). Almost every company thinks that a successful social media is the one that has the best content, but this is just a part of what makes it […]

Snapchat Update, the Good, Bad, and Wow

We’ve all been there, fidgeting with our phones, waiting for that Snapchat update to download and unleash the new features of our favorite app. To be short and sweet, Snapchat is an exceedingly popular app with over 5 billion video views each day and over 100 million daily active users. With numbers that size, Snapchat […]

Stop Cyberbullying in it’s tracks!

While beginning in AIM chat rooms and MySpace, cyber bullying has spread to every social media platform. By definition, cyber bullying can take place on any electronic device from any platform, including text messages, social media, websites, chat rooms and forums. The computer screen provides a divide between the attacker and victim that allows the […]

Snapchat Facts For Yourself-ie

snapchat facts

“But first, let me take a selfie,” just kidding. Do you use Snapchat, do you know someone who uses Snapchat? I’m going to go ahead and assume that the answer is yes to at least one of those questions. So, being that almost everyone these days is indulging in the photo/video posting app, what is […]

The Snapchat Update Users Are Begging For!

snapchat update

If we can count on any social media platform to have fun, unpredictable updates, it’s the unannounced Snapchat app updates. Snapchat has surprised us with tons of exciting features we weren’t expecting- from Snacphat Lenses to Snapcash. But sometimes less is more. Here are the Snapchat updates we really need and really want, as plain as […]

Favorite Celebrities to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social media that attracted millions of users around the globe. Numerous celebrities also use this as a form of socializing and interacting with their fans. If you are one of the Twitter users that utilize it regular, you can also follow your favorite celebrities and get updated with their […]

Parents Guide to Social Media: Join or Skip?

Parents guide to social media

There are a ton of social media platforms, with new ones created every day. While most fail, a handful capture the attention of your children. But just because they use Snapchat, should you? Which platforms are worth learning about and which can you afford to skip? We’ve compiled the parents guide to social media – now […]