Emoji Jewelry: Will the trend last?

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Last year Oxford Dictionaries named the 😂 (Face with Tears of Joy) its 2015 Word of the Year, so let’s face it, Emoji’s have taken the world by storm, but now we’re heading into the realm of emoji jewelry. Since they were released in the late 90s, Emojis have evolved to be used in everyday […]

Branded Social Media Style

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Social media platforms are supposed to be social, so when it comes to perfecting your branded social media style, the best approach is to be authentic and develop a social connection. Traditional advertising techniques would have you brandishing your products or services (along with all the gory details) in the hopes of making a conversion, but […]

Best Brand Social Media Moments in 2016

Social media marketing has proved itself in 2016 as the most influential medium to grow brand awareness and an authentic relationship with customers. There are a few companies in particular that have dominated this scene. Here we have highlighted them in a bid to provide some social media inspiration. Deadpool The film’s marketing team released […]

Social Media for Event Planners

Although the majority of modern day businesses have found a way to incorporate social media into their company culture, there is one industry where it holds a higher level of importance rather than just, “working it in,” that industry, if you were wondering, is the meeting and events industry. When it comes to planning events, […]

Newest Updates to Hootsuite, Sproutsocial and Buffer

newest updates to hootsuite, sproutsocial and buffer

Social media is one of the most outreaching professional fields, which has dominated the IT industry for the past few years. From providing people countless opportunities to stay in touch with their friends and family, to offering forward-moving businesses and career-oriented individuals numerous ways to prove their metal in the 21st Century marketplace – social […]

Reasons Behind Social Media Age Limits

Social media age limits

While many find social media as an overwhelming opportunity to prove their metal to the internet realm, there are certain risks and dangers associated with this medium of communication and advertisement. There are a number of different social media platforms, which are being used in order to help people prove their online presence and connect […]

Must-Have Qualities in a Social Media Manager

qualities in a social media manager

Without any doubt, social media has become one of the leading mediums which have allowed people to get in contact with their loved ones and their family members living in different corners of the world. Being one of the largest venues which aid promotion of products and sales of different brands, social media has become […]

New York Fashion Week Used These 5 Social Media Apps

New York Fashion Week

  With all eyes on New York this past week, during this year’s annual New York Fashion Week ( September 8 through September 15, 2016) it’s no surprise that social media marketers took full advantage of fashion lovers and their use of social media to capture and view event coverage. A tip to social media marketers everywhere, here […]

A Glossary Of The Social Media Jargon

social media jargon

TBH there are so many trends and hashtags going viral that I often wonder DAE also have the same problem understanding them or is it just me? If you had the same problem understanding the last sentence as I did when I actually started understanding the jargon of the social media world then you have […]

Niche Social Media: Where Do You Fall?

Niche Social Media

Individuals worldwide can exhibit their crafty ideas by approaching social media in a more innovative path. Often, that path may differ from person to person. We like to call this, niche social media. Do you meet the niche for your favorite social network? Here’s some of our niche examples for users of two very popular social […]

Consumers React to Social Media Platforms’ Biggest Failures

Social Media platforms are known to test the limits of technology, as well as the limits of their users. Many platforms have introduced updates and expansions that have grown their user base. However, when a platform forces a new feature— whether to improve time on site, branding, or advertising impressions— customers are not shy about […]

The One Rule for LinkedIn

LinkedIn users vary. There are those that log in every day, like recruiters or head hunters. Then, there are those that only log in when they need something, like a new job or a new connection. But every LinkedIn user should follow one simple rule: update your LinkedIn every six months. It’s easy to get […]

Social Media Demographics

Social media is ever present in our technology-driven society. In fact, having only one social media account is no longer enough–an individual must have a Facebook, a Twitter, an Instagram, a LinkedIn, etc., etc. Unsurprisingly, millennials are the most active on all social media channels. Additionally, urban users are more likely to partake in social […]

Location Based Social Media Marketing

Location based social media marketing is incredibly different from conventional keyword-based social media marketing. With keyword-based social media marketing, understanding the happenings at a particular location is difficult, yet it grants a business invaluable insight into overarching social media trends. If a business is in desperate need of connecting with the local community to increase […]

Social Media Culture

Social media continuously evolves, as users discover new ways to differentiate themselves and social media developers explore new avenues to engage users. However, these little tweaks to how users interact with social media does not necessarily change social media culture. To explain, social media culture is broken down into three core parts: 1.) communication, 2.) […]